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The Space to Play Jonny Allams
The Space to Play Bespoke children's play houses

Craftsman and education expert, Jonny Allams,

designs and builds playspaces for children.

Each bespoke project is designed to nurture enquiring minds and challenge energetic bodies. Multiple features encourage development through play. All play spaces are hand built using the highest quality, sustainable materials to create exquisite, contemporary structures, designed to cultivate all children's potential to imagine.


A teaching and learning consultant with over 25 years’ experience in primary education, Jonny advises schools throughout the UK on how to incorporate creativity, imagination and play to develop learning across the curriculum.


Read about Jonny's advisory work with schools here.

Jonny Allams The Space to Play
The Space to Play Bespoke Children's Play houses


The Architects' Journal Small Projects Award celebrates the best small-budget, big-ambition architecture projects completed around the UK. All the projects exemplify a materially and ideas-rich approach to architecture, with designs that both answer and go beyond their brief, using an economy of means to push the envelope of a tight budget, while sitting lightly on the planet.

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