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Randal Cremer 

Primary School

PortablePlay Pods

This project was certainly one of a kind. The Early Years team at Randal Cremer Primary School wanted to transform their outdoor area with a limited budget to promote limitless play. Early discussions about what off-the-shelf equipment could be PUT in the space soon gave way to much more meaningful talks about what we wanted to see children DO in the space. Underpinned  by the desire to nurture  the broadest possible range of playful learning behaviours, the Play Pods were born. The pair of moveable structures fit together (or apart) in an infinite number of ways to create tunnels, islands, passageways, holes, hatches and hideouts. Designed to be able to be adapted instantly to reflect themes, texts and children’s interests, the pods ensure that young children coming to school never know what to expect! Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of their simplicity is that, through the use of fabrics, props and loose parts, the teachers and children can alter the pods to imbue them with a never-ending life of their own.

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